Full Throttle Ministries of Chatham Kent

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Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministry

Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministry is for those that realize that our bikes are tools given to us by God. He gave us the tools to do the work that Jesus commanded us in the Gospel of Luke 14:23 "Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

We don't just want to see God's house filled but we want to see our fellow bikers, men and women, filled with the Holy Spirit. We want people to know that God loves them and cares for them no matter what they've done or where they've come from.

Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministries members wear a patch. Ours is a one piece patch and does not have a territorial designation. A top rocker stating "Jesus Is Lord" can be purchased and is the only rocker that is permitted. Rockers that claim territory are prohibited. If you are not sure why this is required, please contact Pastor Brent at the email address below.

Full Throttle Ministries does not dictate how members should minister, that's left between you & God depending on your calling, gifts & talents. If passing out tracts is your thing, then do it. If you are better one on one, awesome. Even just riding with your patch on your back can get people to ask questions. This opens the door to talk about Jesus!

In order to be a member of Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministries, you must be a born again Christian. Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministry is just that, a motorcycle ministry. Our primary mission is to bikers but we also minister to those that don't fit in with a traditional church.  

You must ride a motorcycle to be a patched member. If you do not ride a motorcycle, you may still be a member but you are not permitted to wear the FTMM patch.

Born again believers who are accepted into membership will not be given a patch immediately. It is vital that we get to know you and you need to be sure that you want to enter into this type of ministry.  We trust that anyone who is accepted as a member will live their life in such a way that it brings honour and glory to God. We leave it to the Holy Spirit to keep the membership in line. If He can't do it, then neither can we. If a member is continuously sinning and living contrary to what Scripture directs, we ask that they be honest with themselves and God by turning their patch in to Pastor Brent or his designate. The patch will held on to by FTMM until the member gets their life straightened out again. We do not go on "witch hunts" to make you account for actions based on fabricated accusations. If you are struggling, we will stand with you...not against you. We also don't threaten people or forcibly remove their patch. God deals with all us sinners accordingly. 

If you would like to join Full Throttle Motorcycle Ministries, simply contact Pastor Brent at the email address below and an application will be forwarded to you.


Please Note: This is serious business. If you are simply looking for another patch to put on your vest, please do not apply. In addition, there is a donation required for the patch. This is to offset the cost of the production of the patch. This is a donation ONLY and the patch remains the property of Full Throttle Ministries. There are no other fees or dues required to remain a member of FTMM.


For information or to apply, please contact Pastor Brent Elgie at [email protected]